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Xiamen Loowi Toys Co.,Ltd.
Original Inventor and Manufacturer of Loowi® Educational Construction artToys

Mascots of Loowi Animation:
> Loowi.Hero
> Loowi.Jane
> Crocodile@Loowi.Hero
> HappyBull@Loowi.Hero
> HappyTiger@Loowi.Hero

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           Loowi.Hero® Animation joins hands with Loowi® artToys and debut shiningly.
       Loowi.Hero® Animation IP welcomes screenwriters, films producers, films distribution companies (for equity investment) or talents (for optional partnership) in the animation film and television industries to negotiate for cooperations, and jointly write the classic chapter of "the perfect combination era of animation and toys"!

Loowi.Hero Animation

       Various animated IP mascots of Loowi.Hero® Animation will be appeared one by one in the dreamy kingdom, which is with colorful flowers and mysterious forests, with the helps from one-after-the-other partners and magic weapons, which are all constructed by "Magic Pearls" as their skeletons, and activated by "Elves Power" into real roles and characters, fighting together with wisdoms and courages against the monsters, and staging performances of various educational & entertaining hero stories.
       Loowi.Hero® Animation welcomes creative writers and screenwriters, who understand well the charms of Loowi® artToys, to make the public appreciate the animation world of Loowi® artToys through novels.
       Loowi.Hero® Animation welcomes animation companies to design animation mascots by taking Loowi® artToys modeling as materials, develop animation products, and find a way of cooperation and development that combines animation and toys to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.



Logo of Loowi artToys
Xiamen Loowi Toys Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Loowi Toys Co.,Ltd. originally designs, develops, manufactures and sells toy products, focusing on construction building blocks called as Loowi® artToys.

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Brand Year Established
Loowi 2009
Country of Origin Annal Sales
China Around 1 Million USD
Prices Production Capacity
Negotiable, Customizable 10 Millions of US Dollars

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